Friday, December 16, 2005

Poker fever

Internet Poker has become the new bad wolf of society. The gambling- addiction helpline in Norway Hjelpelinjen for spilleavhengighet say that they now have had 5 times as many poker related calls as in 2004. In the month of November, they had 28 poker related calls, while the whole 2004 counts up to only 34. What is happening? For just a year's time back, very few had heard about internet poker, and "Texas Hold'em". Internet Casinos were the bullies then, but most people knew that in a Casino, the owner is the ultimate winner in the long run. However, suddenly the game of Texas Hold'em became widely renowned, and it is a game of skill, not luck... as they say at least. Thousands of people pulled out their Master Cards and started spending money on international poker sites, thinking they could winn big. After all it's a game of skill and if you play a little, you get better and start winning... or maybe you just keep on loosing .
The media now frequently shows reports from big Poker tournaments. They show the winners, who can step on the plane home $1,000,000 richer. What they don't show, are all the players returning home after loosing their $3,000 entry fee. On the TV channels not broadcasting from within Norway, the big online betting sites have huge advertising campaigns, specifically targeting poker players.
There's no doubt that online gambling has become more accessible and popular, but is this just because more people have access to broadband internet connection? I believe there's a little gambler in all of us, but just to a certain exstent. I myself sometimes play Texas Hold'em online, mostly just with fake cash, but I have bet real money at some occations. But I enjoy a small tournament at home with friends much better... as long as the bet is small enough that people don't feel very bad about loosing.
Now, what can one do, and what should be done? I Norway, they are trying to scare professional Poker players off by referring to ancient anti gambling laws, hardly ever used in practice. Politicians, and activists that know nothing about this game, try to put anyone being famous and a Poker player at the same time in a bad light. Sports organization threaten their athletes, to stop them from playing Poker. But is this the right way to go? It is obvious that this is becoming a problem, but will it just pass like many other fads, or will the problem continue to grow? We will always have people with serious gambling problems, there's just no way to stop all possible ways to gamble... close the stock marked maybe? I because of the denationalization caused by the Internet, forbidding and outlawing Internet games like Poker is next to impossible, so I believe we must start thinking in different directions to solve this problem... but in which direction?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

An update of my point of view... post hurricane

I haven't written anything about the NO distaster, since I thought that this topic was overdiscussed on the Internet. But I have to say that this is something that been a lot on my mind. I have been watching national news and CNN, and I'm just apalled... I just can't understand how this could happen. Any less than idiot engineer should understand that a cat. 5 hurricane would brake the dikes of NO... now why weren't they better prepared?!?!?!? Well... speculations, speculations...
I anyway feel deep regret and sorrow for the people of the great city of New Orleans after this disaster. Many of you have lost loved ones... but most have lost almoast everything you own... I can't even imagine a situation like this... loosing all my possesions to a natural disaster. I wish all the people from New Orleans good luck in the future, and may your government watch better over you the next time a natural disaster occurs, because this time I feel you were abandoned.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

60 years since Hiroshima bombing

One year ago 80,000 people died instantly when the atomic bomb "Little Boy" detonated over Hiroshima. I have not much to say about this, but would like everyone who read this to stop and think about it one minute. Was it really worth it?

I hope this weapon will never again be used on our planet. There is a great posiblility it will though.I just can't see how we can avoid it. Sooner or later I am positive that terrorists are able to create such a device...

Talk about being full of yourself

A friend sent me the link to this article today. I just found it hilarious. I just have to say, North Corea is f***ed up. But I'm positive the people living there are so indoctrinated that they actually believe this(read the article) about their leader.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

From Volvo to Terrorism

Volvo wants it's drivers to drive drunk. I'ts true... Let us investigate a little. Volvo is developing a "Driving safety system" that will aid the driver if she is unable to drive safely herself. This can be because the driver is tired, sick or even drunk. To test this, Volvo wants permission for their test drivers to drive drunk on the test circuits. This is all well and good, but do we really want a system like this? Do we really want all these driving aids to be installed in new cars? Could the consequences be that people started trusting too much in their cars that they become reckless? Ofcourse the day we have fully automatic cars, we can probably be screwing around in the backseat while driving, but this is far away. In my opinion, these "helper" systems may help the responsible driver, but they might also give a false sense of safety. (comment on article from Nettavisen ).

Now, another comment on car safety. Many people probably don't realize that terrorist attacks, like the one in London, actually kill more people AFTER the attack than during it. Why is this? When terrorists bomb public transportation, people freak out, but they still have to go to work. These people star to drive their car to work... this significant increase in traffic, will in a very short period of time, cause MORE deaths than the whole terrorist attack... Terrorists 1 The western world 0

Saturday, July 09, 2005

And now let's blame it on Muslims, and take revenge

It did not take long... Someone in UK have already started a trying to avenge the terrorist attack on London. Someone threw a fire bomb into East London Mosque this Friday. Muslim people say that their children are being spit at on their way to school... and their fathers are attending anti- terrorist marches. How can people be so short sighted, prejudging and rightout evil that they spit on innocent school children because a group of extremists that claim to have the same religion? What it really comes down to, is that some people in our part of the world are not any better than any of the extremists waging war on the west. We can't just say that we (the western world) are right, and they (the extremists) are wrong... There are extremists EVERYWHERE... and be they "Muslims", hooligans, Neo- Nazis or Christians, they are all bad. German children were brainwashed to hate Jews, for no reason. Now, how hard is it to brainwash young people to hate UK(for example) when friends and family are killed by soldiers or bombs bearing bearing the British flag. Misinformation, brainwashing, and an enemy you can easily point out (whether is a true enemy or not) may be used all around the world to create terrorists, because aren't the people harassing innocent Muslims in London also terrorists?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

An update

It's been a while since my last post, or rant... whatever you (if there is anyone reading at all) call it. I will not comment any of the big events, that all the other blogs have already covered, like Ahmadinejad and the iranian election, the US comencing research on new atomic weapon technology etc. Instead I will just tell you what I saw a few days ago. I was on the bus on my way home from work, when I suddenly hear this noise on the window of the bus. The bus stops instantly, and I see that the bus has hit a person. The poor man was laying on the sidewalk, with a LOT of blood flowing out of wounds on his head. I called emergency instantly and asked for an ambulance... and then I walked away. I just could not look at this... and besides there were a lot of people helping him. Very soon the ambulance came... The image of this poor man has followed me these last days, but I assume he survived without severe injury, since I have not seen anything about this in the local newspaper of Oslo, Aftenposten. This relatively small accident made me feel really bad, then and when thinking about it afterwards. Just imagine how it must be for people who live in a war ravaged country. What about the soldiers that see their friends shot to pieces in battle. I am very happy I live in a peaceful country, and I hope I will never have to experience something like i did, or worse ever again...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Addicted to blogging

I'm addicted... well, I do spend quite a lot of time in front of my PC just surfing for new interesting blogs... maybe a peek into someone's life, maybe a site about politics, philosophy, Now, why do I spend a lot of time reading other peoples thoughts, rants and opinions? Who knows... maybe I'm just bored (Girlfriend not at home), maybe I'm very curious, or maybe I just like to see what's occupying other people's minds. For me it seems that there are more female bloggers than male... maybe that is because women have a higher need, and ability, to put their thoughts and feelings into words... and maybe more women than men want to share their feelings.. who knows.
What is the typical blog?
Personal journal type?
Photo blog?
Discussions blog?

you tell me!